Welcome to Dominican Retreat

A Ministry of the Dominican Sisters of Peace

Our last retreat ended August 2nd, 2015.

Our final Open House was August 15. For those who could not attend the Open House, please know that you were in our thoughts and the spirit of every retreatant who has come through the doors since 1961 infused the evening with warmth and love.

A few final thoughts and a big thank you from the Dominican Sisters:

To paraphrase Paul in the letter to the Philippians:
We thank God every time we remember you, praying with joy because of your sharing in the Gospel from the first day we arrived in 1961 until now.

We are confident that the one who began this good work among you will bring it to completion. It is right for us to think this way about you, because we hold you in our hearts, for all of you share in God’s grace with us.

We were deeply moved by the outpouring of love and appreciation we experienced from you at our final Open House as well as in the supportive messages we received from those who could not attend. Words fail and are inadequate to express our love and gratitude as we say farewell.

Many thousands have participated in Dominican Retreat over these 54 years in various ways. Know that we carry all of you in hearts.
With deep affection and appreciation we remember all of you who have been and are a vital part of our lives and retreat ministry here at 7103 Old Dominion Drive in McLean, VA.

Every person, every retreat, every group, every wonderful party and Gala and Open House, every pain and sorrow, joy and celebration, every room list and schedule, prayer service and every Eucharist have brought us faithfully and graciously to this time of letting go and moving on.
Hospitality of heart has been our hallmark. We rejoice that we have been a place of peace, a home away from home, a place for healing, forgiveness and acceptance – a safe place. Over the past 54 years many have come and gone leaving footprints on our hearts.
Ecclesiastes reminds us that “everything God does will endure forever”. What a consolation for all of us!

We are comforted, and trust that each of you will be consoled, by the words of Meister Eckhart our German Dominican theologian and mystic –
“And suddenly you know:
It is time to start
something new
and trust the magic
of beginnings.”

Sr. Agnes B. Gott, O.P.
Ministry/Program Director
(for all of us)

2015 House Theme

“For all that has been – Thanks! For all that will be – Yes!”

With the announcement of the closure of Dominican Retreat and the last retreat program to be held in July 2015, this quote from Dag Hammarskjold seemed the perfect theme for our final year.

Lest we forget, our brothers and sisters in the infant Church faced many challenges and unknowns; yet they always trusted in the God revealed to them by Jesus Christ. As he taught them, they continued to gather weekly to bring their offering and render thanks to this ever-present, never-failing God as they came together to Eucharist. (Recall that Eucharist comes from the Greek meaning “to give thanks.”) So, no matter where the coming days, weeks, months, and years take us, we can always “Eucharist”… giving thanks to our Gracious, Loving, and Faithful God for all that has been and for all that will be!

Dominican Retreat Is Closing

Last Retreat in August 2015

After careful study and considerable struggle, the Board of Directors of the Dominican Retreat, with the leadership team of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, made a decision to close the retreat house. The retreats that are currently scheduled will be held up to August, 2015, when they will end.

We celebrate the legacy of the Dominican Sisters who have served here over 53 years and are grateful to all the staff, the Dominican Associates, promoters, benefactors, volunteers and friends who made this ministry possible.

Information about upcoming retreats can be found here.

More on the Closing Closure FAQs

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